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Commercial Equipment

A.R.A Export/ Import, Inc. has been supplying equipment and parts for over 20 years to companies in the Caribbean. Our company is family owned and operated business with; Aston Alleyne, Romona Alleyne and Crystal Bradley as the principles. As a team we all bring different skills to the company focusing on technical, accounting, sales and marketing.

Carrier HVAC

 & Commercial A/C

We offer custom HVAC solutions as well as retrofitting solutions from Trane, Carrier, and more.

York & Bitzer Compressors

Choose from top brands like York & Bitzer. We also sell stators & rotors to lengthen the life of your screw compressor



We carry brands like Manitowoc, Alliance, Chicago Dryer, and more for your commercial laundry.

Walk-In Refrigeration

From trusted brands like Amerikooler, we provide your business with top-quality walk-in cooling.


AC & Refrigeration Equipment 

From retrofitting existing HVAC equipment to providing custom air conditioning solutions, we'll provide comfort for you and your guests.


Trane HVAC

We offer a wide variety of Trane HVAC commercial systems to fit your business cooling needs

Carrier HVAC

From a VRF ductless system to a split AC, we offer many commerical solutions

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Manitowoc Cranes

Manitowoc offers many models of ice production machines to choose from.

Vulcan Vendor

Vulcan offers anything your restaurant might need from gas ranges to ovens

Wells Vendor

For your restaurant equipment needs, wells has got you covered.

Fujitsu Vendor

When you want comfort, fujitsu is your commercial choice, with choices from VRF to HRV/ERV

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Chicago Dryer Vendor

For all your seperating, feeding, ironing and folding hotel or hospitality commercial needs

Grundfos Vendor

Offering virtually any and every water solution for your hotel, Grunfos has you covered.

Trane HVAC

We offer a wide variety of Trane HVAC commercial systems to fit your business cooling needs

Carrier HVAC

From a VRF ductless system to a split AC, we offer many commerical solutions

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Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc offers many models of ice production machines to choose from.

Amerikooler Refrigeration

Amerikooler provides top quality walk-in solutions in the realm of refrigeration

York Compressors

Only the top brands in refrigeration and air conditioning innovation.

Bitzer Compressors

Only the top brands in refrigeration and air conditioning innovation.

CoolTech Compressor Units

Leading Screw Compressor Manufacturer with exceptional reliability

Grundfos Water Pumps

Offering virtually any and every water solution for your hotel, Grunfos has you covered.

Compressors for Commercial A/C and Process Cooling

We supply high-capacity compressor solutions from brands like Blitzer to provide stationary air conditioning.


Our Areas of Specialization

  • Industrial Processing Plants Hotels

  • Schools and Hospitals

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Office Buildings

  • Residential & Commercial Retrofits

  • New Insulation Systems

  • Refrigeration Equipment & Parts

  • Laundry Equipment & Parts

  • Condensing Units

  • Compressor, Hermetic & Semi-Hermetic

  • Pumps, Motors, Heat Exchanges, Evaporators

  • Cold Storage Rooms

Our skill, business experience, and superior customer service give us important comprehension to perform and surpass the prerequisites of your projects. 

Commercial Laundry Equipment

From commercial laundry washer extractors to tumble dryers to laundry presses, We've got you covered on all your hotel equipment.


Commercial AC

& Refrigeration 

Whether your solution involves a commercial refrigeration walk-in freezer all the way to a refrigerated processing plant we'll help you make the right choice.


Amerikooler Walk-In Refrigeration

From standard 6'x6' units to larger walk-ins, we provide top-of-the-line panels and partner with leading refrigeration equipment providers to offer our customers the most sophisticated cooling solutions available.


Proudly Serving the Caribbean

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Will The Efficiency Of My Carrier HVAC Unit Benefit From Variable Capacity?

Do inverter-driven Carrier HVAC blowers utilize half less vitality? Different Carrier HVAC central air producers guarantee inverter innovation cuts vitality use somewhere in the range of half to 64% contrasted with single-organize Carrier HVAC blowers. Are these simply wild promoting cases or would they say they are explore demonstrated? Climate control systems and warmth siphons from Carrier HVAC with an inverter-driven blower significantly lessen vitality use. The tradeoff is a more expensive rate tag for the Carrier HVAC unit. Is an inverter-driven Carrier HVAC air conditioning unit or warmth siphon worth the expense? How before long will bring down vitality bills pay for the extravagant Carrier HVAC hardware?  The restitution time frame differs from a couple of years to "never" in view of how vigorously the air conditioner or warmth siphon is utilized. Indoor solace is another factor to consider alongside expense. Numerous property holders need the exact temperatures and better stickiness control inverter frameworks offer paying little heed to cost.

R-410A vs. R-22 Refrigerants in Carrier HVAC Units


​In spite of the fact that it's been the business standard utilized in Carrier HVAC climate control systems and warmth siphons for a considerable length of time, R-22 refrigerant is headed out. In its place, notwithstanding, is R-410A, however this change doesn't have everybody's full help yet. In spite of the fact that it's legally necessary for new air conditioning frameworks to utilize this new refrigerant, the progress is as yet being met with some uncertainty. For both Carrier HVAC central air temporary workers and Carrier HVAC shoppers alike, there is still a long way to go about R-410A refrigerant, and even using it in a high-efficiency 20 seer Carrier HVAC unit, to be specific, how it piles up to its forerunner and how it will influence the air conditioning business sector pushing ahead.

Security of Carrier HVAC Units

Beginning in January, 2004, R-22 started being eliminated in the US. On account of its capability to exhaust ozone, R-22 and other hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) are viewed as perilous and unfit for the earth. The Montreal Convention, an arrangement made to ensure the ozone, necessitated that HCFC utilization is decreased in the US by 75% beneath standard in 2010. In 2015, that number extended to 90% beneath standard and by 2020, it will achieve 99.5%. So even using a unit manufactured specifically with efficiency in mind such as a Carrier HVAC unit, there is a long road ahead. R-22 may even now be utilized to administration existing hardware, yet can't be utilized in new frameworks. Rather, R-410A is substituted. Execution In new forced air Carrier HVAC systems, R-410A can be utilized for increasingly proficient and dependable activity. In contrast with R-22, R-410A can assimilate more warmth, which means your Carrier HVAC air conditioning blower will run cooler and decrease potential overheating. R-410A capacities at an a lot higher weight than R-22, as well, to such an extent that on the off chance that you utilized it in a unit planned explicitly for R-22, it would cause harm from the bounty of stress. At last, the oil used to keep blowers greased up is diverse for R-22 refrigerant and R-410A. While R-22 units utilize mineral oil, R-410A frameworks rather utilize manufactured oil. The expanded solvency of this engineered oil implies that R-410A frameworks run smoother and decrease weight on the blower.

Change to R-410 in Carrier HVAC and Others

In spite of the fact that it's legally necessary for new Carrier HVAC as well as other brand forced air systems in the US to utilize the utilization of R-410A rather than R-22 and different HCFCs, the change hasn't been completely executed. For purchasers, the subject of whether it tends to be as dependable and steady as R-22 refrigerant is one that is left approaching. Additionally, without trust in this new refrigerant, some air conditioning contractual workers may think that its difficult to prescribe it when advancing new frameworks that utilization it. Rather than a warm welcome, R-410A has been met with some uncertainty. Indeed, even with shoppers and contractual workers installed, there are still come wrinkles that must be worked out before R-410A can completely dominate. For instance, since R-22 and R-410A utilize various oils, when it comes time to retrofit a current framework with this new refrigerant, there might be some underlying danger. On the off chance that the two oils are blended, the expanded weight from R-410A may make the framework come up short. In like manner, R410A refrigerant ingests more dampness than R-22, which can cause more inconveniences. In these cases, it's significant for professionals to completely empty a more established framework. Gradually yet without a doubt, be that as it may, certainty is working in this new refrigerant, giving the two temporary workers and shoppers genuine feelings of serenity. End R-410A is rapidly replacing R-22 refrigerant for Carrier HVAC systems as well as other commercial brands, regardless of whether customers incline toward it or not. By law, R-22 can't be utilized in more up to date frameworks, however that doesn't at present prevent it from being utilized in some more established hardware. Because of this free market activity, R-22 costs will be on the ascent and fix costs for these units will see a similar enduring increment. Eventually, R-410A is slated to be the substitute refrigerant for all air conditioning frameworks that would somehow or another utilization R-22, yet up to that point, purchasers will be the ones to choose to what extent R-22 refrigerant and its comparing frameworks will last.

Gas or Electricity For My Carrier HVAC Commerical Unit?

Petroleum gas is the most ordinarily utilized warming fuel in U.S. Yet, It isn't accessible in numerous regions. The general population who don't have a possibility for a Carrier HVAC gas heater or the individuals who need an elective home warming fuel can utilize home warming force frameworks. Commonly, electric warming frameworks cost in excess of a customary heater to working. Despite the fact that power warming frameworks have high effectiveness, we can not say that it is best for utilizing in home. We need to think about every one of the elements of both warming frameworks. When we contrast the gas heater and power radiator, we should consider the realities, for example, working expenses and forthright alongside its effects on condition.